Morganton, North Carolina is steeped in history. Among the monuments and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places are Avery Avenue School, the Gaston Chapel, Broughton Hospital, the Morganton Downtown Historic District, and the Old Burke County Courthouse. But speaking of the old courthouse, there are times when you need something modern. When it comes to the law, you don't want something stuck in the past. You want to experience a current take on your legal defense and assistance. When it comes to attorneys in Morganton, NC, the law firm of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. is here for you.

Criminal Law

The seriousness of a criminal charge can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. Traffic citations are often criminal, and DWIs are serious misdemeanors. But regardless, it’s important to you if you get charged. You need an attorney who takes your charge seriously. Don’t put off hiring an attorney to represent you. It can be the difference between not only winning or losing your case, but it can save you money, reduce your stress, help you maintain your driver's license, and avoid jail time. While every case is different, the law offices of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. will assist you no matter the charge.

Family Law

When protecting yourself, your assets, and your children, you need a legal team that practices family law. There are a variety of kinds of cases and claims that are under the umbrella of family law. This includes premarital agreements, equitable distribution, alimony, separation agreements, divorce, domestic violence, and child custody and support. So whether you are pursuing a separation or divorce or have children and want to make sure they remain in your custody, or if you have been the victim of domestic violence, the Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. a legal team can help you.

Your family is a top priority for you. You need a law firm with experience. That is exactly what you will find at Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C.

Personal Injury Law

If you’re injured through someone else’s negligence, you need help to navigate the choppy waters of insurance companies and the courts. Did you suffer due to medical malpractice? Your injuries may be severe and permanent. Were you the victim of a bad driver in an auto accident? Did you slip and injure yourself on someone’s property? Did a dog attack you?. If you have been injured due to the neglect or fault of another party, before you sign anything, schedule a consultation with the law offices of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C.

Real Estate, Wills, and Power of Attorney

Whether you want to decide who will have your power of attorney for your finances or your health care, you are ready to draw up your last will and testament, or you need someone to manage and close a real estate transaction, contact us. We’re here to help.

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Regardless of your legal needs, it is important for you to have an experienced legal team on your side. At Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C., that is exactly what you will get. With well over a century of combined legal experience in and around Morganton, you will have the attorneys you need at your disposal to handle your case.

It is important for you to seek out legal counsel as soon as you’re facing legal challenges. So whether you have just been charged with a crime or are starting to go through a divorce, don’t wait. Instead, schedule a consultation with the Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C., team today. Give our staff a call, or fill out the Contact Us form at the top or side of this page or on the front page of our website. However you contact us, we are here for you.