The small town of Valdese, North Carolina, is the kind of place you can fall in love with as soon as you visit. Despite its small size, it has much to offer, ranging from beautiful scenery to locally owned restaurants and shops. Chances are, you won't ever need anything more than what you'll find here and in the surrounding area.

However, should you find yourself in need of legal assistance, you will want to hire attorneys in Valdese, NC, who know both Valdese and surrounding communities, as well as the area of law in which you require help. Lucky Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. is here for you.

Criminal Law

The attorneys of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. have decades of combined experience in criminal law. There is no case too large or too small — felony, misdemeanor, DWI/DUI, or traffic — for which we will fight for you and defend your rights. So whether you have a teenager who was cited for possession of alcohol, you received a speeding ticket, or you are facing something more serious, the team at Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. is a phone call away.

Family Law

Nothing is more important in your life than your family. This is why, when it comes to divorce, separation, alimony, or child custody or support, you need to have a team you can trust at your disposal. The attorneys of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. can help you with separation agreements and premarital agreements, but if you can’t work things out, we’ll be there in court with you as well. So if you are in the middle of a custody battle, you are gearing up for such a case, or you want to know more about your rights, the law firm at Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. will have the answers you need.

Personal Injury

Has you or someone you love been involved in an accident? Maybe they were injured through no fault of their own but due to another’s negligence. If so, you or your loved one may be facing pain and suffering, loss of work, and overwhelming medical expenses. Whether you were hurt due to an auto accident, slipping on a sidewalk, falling down dangerous stairs, or a faulty medical procedure, now is the time to contact the law firm of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C.

Real Estate, Wills, and Power of Attorney

Buying or selling real estate or involved in a property dispute? Hiring the right real estate attorney will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Likewise, if you want to update your will or give someone your power of attorney, you need a law firm that can work with you to make sure all of the paperwork is in order and there are no loose ends. The law firm of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. is ready to help.

Address Your Legal Needs With Attorneys in Valdese NC

If you live in the beautiful Valdese community and need the help of an attorney, contact Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. The experienced and respected attorneys at Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. are here to help. All you need to do is give the team a call or select the "Contact Us Today" option located directly on the front page of the website.

No matter your legal concerns, Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. stands ready to give you the help you need.