Many people believe they will never need a criminal lawyer. But life happens. Should you find yourself in such a situation, it is critical that you hire an attorney capable of defending you against your charges to the fullest extent possible. There are several reasons why you might need a criminal lawyer in Lenoir, NC. At Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C., you have access to criminal defense attorneys who will step up to the plate for you.


Traffic infractions are the most common interaction many have with the criminal justice system. They can be damaging to the average citizen traveling the roads in North Carolina. A felony traffic conviction might result in you serving prison time and paying thousands of dollars in fines. And many traffic offenses can cause you to lose your ability to drive to work, pick up your children from school, and in general, conduct many of the daily activities of your life.

Perhaps the biggest mistake a person can make is going to court without an attorney. The prosecutor may push the judge for the strongest possible sentence. Without a legal defense, you might step right into their trap. The team of criminal lawyers available to you at Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C., can help reduce your punishment or even eliminate your sentence entirely.

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You do not need to commit a violent crime to be charged with a felony. You might have simply driven too fast on the highway. Now you find yourself in handcuffs and charged with a felony. Whatever the felony charge may be, it is essential to have a vigorous legal defense. A strong defense attorney can help you get your felony reduced, eliminate your fines and jail time, or strike other deals when necessary. Sometimes, your charges can be completely dropped, all with the help of a criminal defense attorney on your side.

Don't just rely on a court-appointed attorney. Even though these individuals mean their best, sometimes they are inexperienced or have too much on their plate, which means they may not be able to dedicate the time needed to defend you properly. You need a defense team that will do everything in its power to protect your rights. You need Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C.

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Even a minor misdemeanor can cause big problems later on down the line in life. An open container misdemeanor when you were in college can resurface years down the road and prevent you from landing a job. Or you might lose your license or be unable to rent an apartment, all because of a small blemish on your record.

Don't take a chance on a misdemeanor, regardless of what it is. Defend yourself with a defense attorney from Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C.

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A DUI (DWI in North Carolina) conviction comes with stiff penalties. Depending on the judge and the prosecutor, and your record and circumstances, you may face jail time, significant fines and court costs, the suspension of your license, and court-ordered substance abuse treatment meetings. All of it can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Many individuals make the mistake of quickly pleading guilty to a DUI/DWI, which means the strongest possible sentence may be entered against them. Don’t just assume there is nothing you can do. Whatever your situation, protect yourself by bringing on our team at Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C.

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