How to Choose a Lawyer. Our Guide:

what do judges look for in a child custody case
What Do Judges Look for in a Child Custody Case?
September 8, 2021
what do judges look for in a child custody case
What Do Judges Look for in a Child Custody Case?
September 8, 2021
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how to choose a lawyer

Key Takeaways:

    Identify the Specific Legal Expertise Needed: It is essential to know what type of attorney you require for your legal issue. Different legal matters, such as child custody, DWI/DUI charges, or real estate transactions, require attorneys who are experts in those areas.

    Understand Who Will Handle Your Case: When selecting a law firm, it is important to know exactly who will be handling your case. In larger firms, partners may be the public face but often delegate cases to junior attorneys. You should ensure you are comfortable with the specific lawyer assigned to your case.

    Consider Costs and Ask for References: Before hiring an attorney, discuss the potential costs and understand how you will be billed. Legal fees can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the case. Additionally, asking for references from previous clients can provide insights into the attorney’s performance and handling of similar cases.

Choosing the right attorney can be the difference between winning and losing a case. This singular event may impact the rest of your life, so selecting the best attorney for your needs is critical. But do you know how to choose a lawyer? If you haven’t worked with lawyers before, you may lack any knowledge about how to find someone who will represent you. And even if you have friends who have worked with attorneys in the past, these lawyers may not have experience in or focus on the kind of legal work you need. 

So, whatever form of legal help you seek out, it is important that you understand how to choose a lawyer. Here are tips, suggestions, and methods for how to choose a lawyer:

Know What Kind Of Attorney You Need

The best way to save yourself time and energy is to know what kind of attorney you need. Do you need an attorney for a child custody case? Maybe you were charged with a DWI or DUI and require a lenoir traffic lawyer. Considering the purchase of real estate and making sure everything regarding the property is on the level? Each of these legal situations requires a different kind of attorney. Your best option is to find someone who dedicates a significant amount, if not a majority, of their time to the law in question.

Once you know what kind of attorney you need, it becomes much easier to narrow your list of possible candidates and law firms.

Who Will Handle Your Case?

When looking around at law firms, you will find some individuals work on their own. They will be the person handling your case, possibly with the help of a secretary or paralegal.

On the flip side, larger firms might have partners, junior partners, and other practicing attorneys. While the partners might be the face of the firm, they usually only handle the largest cases, so while you find the law firm based on the partners, there’s a strong possibility it will be a different attorney who ends up representing you. While this should not push you away from the firm, you need to know that particular lawyer’s background. You should never accept any legal services without connecting directly with the lawyer who will represent you.

Possible Costs

When discussing your case, you should at the very least receive a ballpark estimate of what it might cost. Some cases are more boilerplate with set forms and documentation. With this kind of work, you’ll usually know exactly what you’ll be paying. However, cases that might or will end up in court, such as child custody, DWI, or criminal cases, are more difficult to estimate exactly, since they can take a long time to resolve. At the very least, you will want to know how you will be billed.

After going over the possible costs, there may be certain law firms that are simply too expensive for what you can afford. Should this prove to be the case, you can continue looking elsewhere for an attorney that fits into your price range. However, if you wonder “Is it worth getting an attorney for a DWI or DUI?” our short answer is YES!

Ask For References

There’s nothing wrong with asking an attorney for references when figuring out how to choose a lawyer. You’d ask a plumber, electrician, mechanic, or any other specialist for references before hiring them. An attorney is no different. The law is a specialty, and you need someone who understands it and knows how to proceed with your case.

Due to attorney-client privilege, the attorney will not be able to go into details about a particular case. That doesn’t mean they can’t give you references regarding how they perform and handle the job. If an attorney is unable to provide you with references, you should look elsewhere.

When you receive a list of references, make sure to contact the individuals and talk to them about their experience with the attorney and how the attorney handles cases. Some of these references may have been in your shoes, so they may be willing to talk with you and shed light on the practicing methods of the lawyer (or law firm) in question.

Answering Questions In A Timely Manner

Chances are, you will not be the only client your lawyer is representing at a given time. That does not mean you should be forced to wait days for a response to questions you have.

Yes, your attorney will not always be able to get back to you right away. They might be in court, taking meetings, visiting with other clients, or performing any amount of legal work. But you need to be a top priority. No question is too small, because you don’t know all the ins and outs of the legal system. After all, that’s why you hired an attorney. If, however, you ask a question, and it routinely takes days to get back to you, it may be in your best interest to look for another attorney. The outcome of the case is extremely important to you, and your attorney should reflect this.

One Phone Call Is The Difference

Whether it is representing you in the event of a traffic ticket, DWI/DUI, criminal charge, real estate law, family law, or something else, the law firm of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. is at your disposal. By going through the steps listed above, you will discover the firm checks off all the necessary boxes. However, before you decide to hire a law firm, it is important to give them a call and find out exactly what the firm can do for you and how they will go about representing you.

Whatever your case may be, Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. will offer you a consultation and discuss with you what options you have. Then, if you decide the law offices of Wilson, Lackey, Rohr & Hall, P.C. are right for your case, you can move forward with hiring them. Whatever you decide to do, it all starts with a single phone call.